1. Name: Rezaul Karim Chowdhury
Position: Chief Moderator, Moderator Council, EquityBD
Mobile : +880 01711529792

Responsibility: This position is basically responsible to coordinate the activities of the national council,  especially organizing periodical meeting of national moderation council and give leadership to policy formulation and planning of activities at various levels. He also remains responsible to promulgate and aligning EquityBD activities with different national and international campaign and advocacy organizations, CSOs (Civil Society Organizations) and such other bodies working on the same targets, values and ideals.

2. Name: Syed Aminul Hoque
Position: Secretariat Coordinator
Mobile : +880 01713328815

Responsibility: This position is responsible to coordinate the daily secretariat activities. He will conduct regular meeting, prepare yearly short and long term plans for EquityBD. Moreover, as Secretariat Coordinator he remains actively involve with policy research activities on national budget and other utility essential services.


3. Name: Mostafa Kamal Akand
Position: Coordinator – Networking and Mobilization
Mobile : +880 01711455591

Responsibility: This position is responsible to establish contact and carry forward of EquityBD network from national level down to the grass roots NGOs, CSOs, media professionals, besides bringing closer like minded individuas and activists groups who are working with propoor development agenda at different levels on different issues. He also remains responsible to mobilize EquityBD media outreach and especially to work closely with the print and electronic media.


4. Name: Md. Ahsanul Karim
Position: Coordinator- Tax Justice Network
Mobile : +880 01713328800

Responsibility: This position is mainly responsible for Tax Justice related research and campaign.


5. Name: Md Mujibul Haque Munir
Position: Coordinator- Policy Research
Mobile : +880 01713367438

Responsibility: This position is mainly responsible for policy research and campaign designing mainly on food sovereignty, GMO, farmers’ right, promoting local seeds, climate adaptation.



6. Name: Md Abarul Islam

Position: Coordinator- e Campaign
Mobile : +880 1713144166

Responsibility: This position is mainly responsible for regular updating EquityBd’s website to highlight on its various action programmes at home and abroad. He will be working to promote e-campaign of the group by way of expanding the network contacts with e-groups of like minded NGOS and CSOs working with pro-poor causes at national level to rural grass roots.