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Seminar On UN Addis Ababa Conference 2015: Finance for Dev. and prevent tax dodging 24 June National Press Club At 2.00 PM Related Paper: FfD_Elements paper_21-01-15 SDG Financing Inetr-Govt Expert Report etr-Govt Expert Report CSO comments on UN element paper on FfD_June-15 Reasons 10 Why an Intergovernmental UN Tax Body Will Benefit Everyone
Build a Climate Resilient South Asiat South Asia SAARC Bank and Seed Bank: Actions to take Food Sovereignty in South Asia Understanding Tax Justice

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CoP 26 outcome frustrated for Bangladesh as MVCs

Dhaka, 22 November 2021.  Civil society organizations (CSOs) has treated the recent CoP-26 (global climate conference) outcome as frustrated for our country as MVC...